Learning to Love Leviticus 4 – Clean and Unclean (11:1 – 15:33)

So far in Leviticus, we have seen how sacrifices are able to help Israel be safe with God dwelling with them. Priests are required to perform these sacrifices and are set apart within Israel to be holy, and mediate between Israel and God so that Israel is safe. We have also seen in the first post from... Continue Reading →


Learning to Love Leviticus Extra: How can we read Leviticus so that we understand it better?

Sorry guys, I am still in France on a conference, and this week I have had to work 8.30am-11pm, so I haven't finished my post on Leviticus 11-15 yet. I have been working as hard as I can. I am halfway through, but I don't want to rush it because this will make it unintelligible. It will be... Continue Reading →

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