How book reviews are going to work

I will be posting multiple blog posts on each book.

Post 1 – General review. The general review will give you a summary of the book and general impression. This should help you decide if you want to read the book or not. If you want a book recommendation, these are the posts to look for.

Post 2+ – Critical analysis. There will be another post that breaks down chapter by chapter my thoughts on whether the book is consistent with the bible. This post is designed that after each chapter, you could find the post and compare my thoughts on the chapter with yours. I will try to be impartial, in that, I will say where I think the book is consistent with the bible, as well as where it isn’t (though inconsistency will likely get more page space, as I will have to explain why I think the bible does not say this). The chapter notes, will not be understandable as a stand alone entity, they are there to support the book and help us all to think a bit more deeply about using Christian books to think through scripture. Please understand that I am not an authority on the bible, these are my own views, and could (probably will) sometimes be wrong. My aim is that we all learn to look at scripture more, not for you to necessarily agree with me.


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