What did the cross achieve? – Part 4

Today I am thinking about how the Jesus dying on the cross fulfilled the promises of the Old Testament. Over the past few months I have become really excited about the Old Testament. Traditionally, I thought it was the boring bit of the bible that was irrelevant to us Christians. Recently however, I have changed... Continue Reading →


What did the cross achieve? – Part 3

Today's theme is dying and rising with Christ (if you missed day one or two, on he takes our punishment and the cross means Satan has been defeated do go back and have a read). We are inseparably united to Christ As Christians we are now united to Christ: There is therefore now no condemnation for... Continue Reading →

What did the cross achieve? – Part 2

So yesterday we looked at the fact that the cross is a "penal substitution" - all this really means is Jesus took the punishment we rightly deserve, so that we aren't punished. This morning I want to look at how the cross provides victory over Satan. Hollywood loves us to believe that good and evil are... Continue Reading →


What did the cross achieve? – Part 1

As we all look to Jesus' death on the cross and his glorious resurrection, I am taking the time to think over all the wonderful things the cross achieved. Today as we start out, I want to think of why Jesus needed to go to the cross? His death was not some tragic accident. It did... Continue Reading →


Plans for Holy Week

Hi everyone. I am planning to write a meditation on why Jesus went to the cross/what it achieved, each day of Holy Week. These will be taken from my bible studies over the past year, as I haven't just been studying Leviticus but also Galatians, 1 Thessalonians, Romans, Mark, 1 Peter, Colossians, Titus, Malachi and... Continue Reading →


Which book of the bible next?

So we are over half way through Leviticus, and after Monday's post on Holiness, I have another three posts planned. I was wondering if anyone had any preferences for the next book I should write about? Would you like New Testament or more Old Testament? I can't make promises as to specific books (though by... Continue Reading →


Learning to Love Leviticus 5 – Day of Atonement (16:1-34)

We are at the middle of book, and boy have I learnt a lot already. We are trying to answer the question - How does Leviticus enable God to dwell with Israel so that Israel is safe? We have already looked at the roles of sacrifices in giving thanks and atoning for their sin; the priests... Continue Reading →


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