Hi, I’m Kirsten, and I have a passion for God’s word, and proclaiming his good news of salvation through Jesus. I have set up this blog so that, as I grow in the knowledge and love of God, my brothers and sisters can join me in working out what God is saying through His word. Sometimes the bible is hard to understand, or we don’t know how to wisely use Christian books to aid our reading of scripture. I hope that through chronicling all that I am discovering, I will become more excited and confident about God’s plan and that you will too!

I won’t always get everything right, because the bible is hard, and I will always appreciate comments and thoughts. We are all learning together, but please be kind and loving to everyone whether you agree or disagree with me/someone else.

Planned Posting Schedule

Scripture notes will be posted on Mondays

Book reviews will be posted as fast as I read books – I want to read them carefully if I am trying to work out what is biblically accurate.



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