Saintly Suffering 2 – Is suffering good or bad when you are a Christian?

Last post I thought about whether Christians will suffer, or whether we really think that we should suffer less because we believe in Jesus, to read click here. This post I want to look at what the bible has to say about whether the suffering we go through is bad thing we must endure, or if... Continue Reading →


New Year 2: Do you read or do you revel in God’s word?

This is the second thought I have been pondering  for the new year. The first thing is whether I was committing to the new year, new me philosophy, have a read here. I know I will not be the only person thinking about what bible plan I will use this year. While doing this I... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Me?

Every year we come around to the same old mantra new year, new me. As a Christian does it have any value? I think so. This year I am committing to a new me, I am going to put on Christ and shed the old worldly me: 5 Put to death therefore what is earthly... Continue Reading →


Saintly Suffering – Comment your questions/topics

Hello everyone, I know that suffering is an incredibly hard topic for a lot of us as Christians, or one of the key reasons why people don't think God exists or is worth caring about. Therefore if you have any questions about suffering comment below. If I have already done some thinking about this, I... Continue Reading →


Saintly Suffering 1 – If I believe in Christ, shouldn’t I be happy?

Deciding to put my faith in Christ and repent of my sins is, without a doubt, the best decision of my life, but it hasn't meant an easy ride. I don't expect that this will change in the future, at least until I die or Jesus returns. The question of happiness is one that I... Continue Reading →


What did the cross achieve? – Part 5

The Old Testament tells of the relationship between God and Israel, and we have seen how all the promises they were given were fulfilled in Jesus. This post I want to take a look, and enjoy a little more deeply, how the cross has reconciled people of all nations to God. We have already seen... Continue Reading →



Hi everyone, Just a quick update. I apologise for disappearing over the last couple of weeks, I got sick half-way through Holy Week, and then went straight on holiday. I am back now and I plan to rename my holy week series and still complete it. I will also resume my posts on Leviticus. I... Continue Reading →


What did the cross achieve? – Part 4

Today I am thinking about how the Jesus dying on the cross fulfilled the promises of the Old Testament. Over the past few months I have become really excited about the Old Testament. Traditionally, I thought it was the boring bit of the bible that was irrelevant to us Christians. Recently however, I have changed... Continue Reading →


What did the cross achieve? – Part 3

Today's theme is dying and rising with Christ (if you missed day one or two, on he takes our punishment and the cross means Satan has been defeated do go back and have a read). We are inseparably united to Christ As Christians we are now united to Christ: There is therefore now no condemnation for... Continue Reading →


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