Welcome to my Blog

Hi, Welcome to my blog, thanks so much for taking the time to check it out. If you love, or want to love, God's word, because this is how we see who Jesus is, and grow in love of our Lord and Saviour, then I hope you find this useful. My posts fit somewhere between... Continue Reading →


Learning to Love Leviticus 6 – Holiness (17:1-20:27)

We are over halfway through the book, and boy have I learned a lot already. We are trying to answer the question - How does Leviticus enable God to dwell with Israel so that Israel is safe? We have already looked at the roles of sacrifices in giving thanks and atoning for their sin; the priests... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Me?

Every year we come around to the same old mantra new year, new me. As a Christian does it have any value? I think so. This year I am committing to a new me, I am going to put on Christ and shed the old worldly me: 5 Put to death therefore what is earthly... Continue Reading →

What did the cross achieve? – Part 5

The Old Testament tells of the relationship between God and Israel, and we have seen how all the promises they were given were fulfilled in Jesus. This post I want to take a look, and enjoy a little more deeply, how the cross has reconciled people of all nations to God. We have already seen... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone, Just a quick update. I apologise for disappearing over the last couple of weeks, I got sick half-way through Holy Week, and then went straight on holiday. I am back now and I plan to rename my holy week series and still complete it. I will also resume my posts on Leviticus. I... Continue Reading →

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