Saintly Suffering 2 – Is suffering good or bad when you are a Christian?

Last post I thought about whether Christians will suffer, or whether we really think that we should suffer less because we believe in Jesus, to read click here. This post I want to look at what the bible has to say about whether the suffering we go through is bad thing we must endure, or if... Continue Reading →


New Year 2: Do you read or do you revel in God’s word?

This is the second thought I have been pondering  for the new year. The first thing is whether I was committing to the new year, new me philosophy, have a read here. I know I will not be the only person thinking about what bible plan I will use this year. While doing this I... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Me?

Every year we come around to the same old mantra new year, new me. As a Christian does it have any value? I think so. This year I am committing to a new me, I am going to put on Christ and shed the old worldly me: 5 Put to death therefore what is earthly... Continue Reading →

What did the cross achieve? – Part 5

The Old Testament tells of the relationship between God and Israel, and we have seen how all the promises they were given were fulfilled in Jesus. This post I want to take a look, and enjoy a little more deeply, how the cross has reconciled people of all nations to God. We have already seen... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone, Just a quick update. I apologise for disappearing over the last couple of weeks, I got sick half-way through Holy Week, and then went straight on holiday. I am back now and I plan to rename my holy week series and still complete it. I will also resume my posts on Leviticus. I... Continue Reading →

What did the cross achieve? – Part 4

Today I am thinking about how the Jesus dying on the cross fulfilled the promises of the Old Testament. Over the past few months I have become really excited about the Old Testament. Traditionally, I thought it was the boring bit of the bible that was irrelevant to us Christians. Recently however, I have changed... Continue Reading →

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